No One Spoke

Don’t ask why I chose to reblog this.
Just read it.
Then you will understand.


Friends and I enjoyed sun, sand, and surf with other beachgoers on a recent Saturday. Sitting slathered in sticky sunscreen beneath our umbrellas, we pointlessly brushed sand from our legs as we discussed evening plans. The seagulls overhead laughed louder than the swimmers splashing in nearby waves while those of us on the beach napped, read, or simply watched people. My friends discussed how relaxing it was and how nice it would be to sleep late the next morning.

Sleep late? I mentioned to them that we only get so many sunrises in a lifetime. Shouldn’t we get up to look at a few?

They stared blankly for a second then shook their heads in unison. No.

In the wee hours of the next morning, alone in the dark, I started the short walk from house to beach guided only by dim lights above the boardwalk. It was eerily quiet at…

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6 thoughts on “No One Spoke

  1. I had a similar experience when my husband and I saw the sunrise at the Grand Canyon. This short story expresses beautifully what one experiences when God’s handiwork silently surrounds us.


    1. The author really captures that magical feel of a peaceful and beautiful dawn. Such moments are special. I’m glad you have experienced something like that. The Grand Canyon would be a grand place to catch the dawn.


  2. When I first moved to the PNW I too used to get up early, but now I read at night and sleep in, sort of….I am usually up at 8. (A dog and two cats like to get me up at 4:30am to go outside…then I can go back to bed for a couple more hours at least) Yesterday I was awakened at 6am, in time to see the sunrise reflected on the incoming fog. It was magnificent! I am more likely to watch the sunset; I rarely miss one of those, especially this time of year.


    1. It’s been ages since I was able to catch a sunset at the beach. Maybe this fall, when the days have gotten shorter. September and October often have some fine sunsets, if I recall correctly.


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